Research and Development services are made available to processors or other users who may not have their own R & D staff. Services include engineering studies, evaluation and upgrading of existing equipment and processes, identifying additional equipment needs and providing electro-mechanical or other engineering expertise.

Examples of R & D services provided to our customers include:

  • Product Quality Improvement: Consistent feed, accurate weighing, Throughput control, product inspection, and close control of process variables are but a few elements which contribute to product quality.
  • Lower Energy Systems: It is not just a matter of cost reduction, it is the right thing to do. Our systems consume 1/3rd of the energy used by conventional systems. Let us evaluate your systems and make recommendations.
  • Machine Vision Systems: Pattern recognition, pear quality grading, potato size grading, inspection and rejection of foreign objects in various bulk products.
  • Feasibility Studies: Examining the feasibility of various processing systems and products
  • Evaluation of existing designs: Evaluating the properties of existing designs and making recommendations for improvements and upgrades within the budget of the customer