Our products are designed to suit specific customer requirements.  We provide either a single function machine or a complete system in which we integrate our equipment with other vendors to offer a single source equipment service.  We pride ourselves in providing the best value for our customers’ budgeted dollar.  Please touch desired equipment button for more information.

THE MAGNA WEIGH FEEDER® The most cost effective and sanitary system
for feeding bulk products into a processing line by weight, at a predetermined rate.



The Magna Weigh Feeder® is a simple in-line weighing conveyor designed to feed products by weight. It combines the simplicity and cleanliness of a vibratory conveyor with the weighing capabilities of a weigh belt. The Magna Weigh Feeder® is superior to volumetric feeders in its ability to compensate automatically for changes in the bulk densities of products. A signal, proportional to product rate, may be used to control one or more slave products in seasoning, mixing and blending applications.


  • Sanitary alternative to weight belts
  • Product blending by weight for two or more ingredients
  • Feeding blanchers, cookers, coolers, fryers and freezers by weight
  • Product seasoning, coating and enrobing
  • Loss in weight feeder Bag filling


Crescent Blending Systems

Many blending systems used in frozen vegetable/fruit or nuts industries consist of several hopper feeders that operate volumetrically.  Using Magna Weigh Feeders for each product, multiple products may be blended in exact proportions, by weight.  The following picture shows ten products being blended.  The recipe of blend proportion may be sent via Ethernet network for percentage of each product.

System Features:

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Powder Coated Frame as option
  • Balanced Design
  • Natural Frequency or Standard Frequency Operation
  • Next Generation Controls for Optimum Performance
  • Sizes may be designed from micro feeders to very large feeders capable of feeding several tons per hour
  • Custom designed for appropriate application

csi_vibratory_feeder_330x275For Turf-Seed, Inc. we installed a large blending system for grass seed. The system handles eight different seed varieties stored in 30,000 lb. silos. Our electromagnetic feeders control the output from each of these silos based on recipes entered on a touch screen by the operator. A very efficient feedback system controls the displacement of each feeder. A signal from the displacement transducer on each vibratory feeder is converted to 0-10vdc, then compared with a set point. A PID loop controls the feeder controller to maintain the set point displacement for repetition and accuracy. Our total system design includes vibratory feeders, control panels, a motor control center and operator interface panel.

seasoningsys1Crescent Seasoning System
Accurate and uniform application of seasoning for the highest
quality product.  No moving parts, economical, and trouble free.

Crescent seasoning system consists of a vibratory feeder with hopper to dispense seasoning and a vibratory spreader feeder to spread seasoning in a tumbler drum.  This system is superior to conventional screw feeder as it has no moving parts.


The seasoning feeder may be provided with Loss In Weight to feed seasoning accurately, by weight.  This may be interfaced with the Magna Weigh to follow the main product and slave the seasoning to it.


  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Sealed Electromagnetic Drive for wash seasoningdrawingdown applications
  • High reliability, no moving parts
  • Vibratory pans much easier to clean as opposed to screw or belt feeders
  • Even and accurate application of seasoning
  • Very low power requirements
  • Units may be custom designed from micro-feeders to large feeders for process lines
  • Unit may follow 4-20 mA signal from Magna Weigh or weigh belts

Crescent Bag Fillers / Box Fillers

The design of the fillers is focused on simplicity, sanitation and reliability. It employs a unique load cell for high speed operation and is not susceptible to vibration. The units are available in stainless steel for “wash down” environments and may be further customized to meet special conditions. The vibratory feeder consists of our encapsulated drive capable of operating under extreme conditions. Various set-up parameters may be programmed to allow quick changes in product and weight specifications. Machine options include a support stand, weigh buckets, bag chutes, screening section and controls.


  • Simplicity of design, ease of operation
  • Sealed power drive
  • Removable weigh buckets
  • Buckets designed for desired bag weight
  • Accuracy within +-1%
  • Voltage: 208/1/60, 3 amps
  • Pneumatics; 60 psi at 1 SCFM
  • Bulk/dribble for increased accuracy

The Crescent Bag Weighing and Filling System is designed to fill various sizes of bags or boxes with a variety of products including snack foods, nuts, coffee, tea, grains, seed, fresh and frozen fruits, vegetables and freeze dried products.

Operation is straightforward: Set the parameters, place an empty bag on the chute and press a foot switch to fill the bag. The same routine applies to the filling of bags, cartons or boxes.  Automatic feed of bags and boxes may also be provided.

Crescent Vibratory Conveyors

Crescent Systems’ Electromagnetic Feeders are especially designed for the Food Industry. All stainless steel construction including the drive components and frame allows complete wash down. Natural frequency controls render these feeders very smart. The varying load on the conveyor is sensed and either the frequency or the power is adjusted to maintain constant stroke under all conditions.  Vibratory Feeders and conveyors may be designed for specific applications including screening, grading, distribution, and feed to packaging machines.


Vibratory Transfer Conveyors


  • Complete Wash down
  • Natural Frequency – doesn’t change stroke under varying product load
  • All Stainless Steel Construction including drive components
  • Weight of product can be determined without load cells
  • Resonant Frequency Operation


Special Function Feeders


Vibratory Graders/Screeners


Micro Ingredient Feeders

Crescent Control Systems


Crescent Systems is a complete automation source with proven success in design of complex control applications. Our control systems are tailored to customer requirements. We will manage your project from initial design and equipment procurement through fabrication and testing of control panels to installation and commissioning. Our services include training of personnel and documentation to assure successful operation of your new system.


  • Design of systems using the most up-to-date CAD software
  • Conventional relay logic or PLCs
  • NEMA-12, NEMA-4X, NEMA-4 or other constructions as required
  • Panel to be UL Listed and built per NEC specifications
  • R & D facilities to develop, test, & interface any special controls application

We use PLC and OIT components as may be standard for a certain customer’s plant environment.  This is helpful because the customer is generally familiar with those components and they would not have to hold special components in their inventory.

Our Vibratory Feeder Controllers are specially designed to run the feeders at resonance.  Feedback sensors are employed to precisely maintain stroke even under varying product load.  This renders the controls smart as they always sense the pulse of the system and act accordingly to keep it running at top performance.


components       controlpanel2

Crescent Magna Check (Patented)

magnacheck1 The new Magna Check is an in line weight checking device to report production rate of a process line, by weight. It may be employed independently by inserting it between two conveyors to report the rate of product flow. It may also be employed in conjunction with a weigh belt or Magna Weigh to report and correct throughput. In this case it may be used as a second check, eliminating the need for manual catch test to ensure the weighing device is functioning properly. It computes feed rate by sampling weight for a given amount of time and interval, providing feed rate information and sending correction signal if desired. This unit may be custom designed to suit particular application requirements.

magnacheck2The purpose of this device is to check the flow rate, in terms of weight per unit time, of free flowing products.  This may apply to feeders which feed products volumetrically or check the flow rate of products being dispensed gravimetrically.  In the case of volumetric feed systems it is desirable to check the feed rate by weight as different products may have different flow rates since the bulk densities of products differ.  So for the same volumetric feed rate various products would have a different feed rate, by weight.  In the case of feeders which feed products by weight (examples being weigh belts or Magna Weigh US Patent 5,780,780), this device may provide an independent check to ensure the feeders are feeding the same as the set point.  If the feeders are not feeding at the set point, then this device may issue a signal so that the feeder may automatically correct the feed rate to comply with the set point.


Crescent Drives and Components

Crescent drives are all stainless steel construction with electrical components epoxy sealed to make them completely water proof. In the food processing industry it is of utmost importance that ALL conveyor components are of stainless steel construction.


We design conveyor systems to run at resonance for minimum energy consumption.  Compared to conventional motors our conveyors use a fraction of the energy.


Although we build complete conveyor systems with pans, frames, and controls, we can assist our customers in design of systems in which they buy engineering design  and kits including critical components from us and assemble their own conveyors.  This maximizes profitability for our customers.

Let us help you in providing completely assembled systems or components to build your own systems.  Contact us with your particular requirements.