It has been customary to use volumetric feed system while blending, seasoning, feeding fryers, cookers, blanchers, sorters, freezers, etc.  While this approach is simple it does not lead to high quality product.  A better way is to actually weigh the product in motion to feed a process line.  Consider applying seasoning to snack foods, for example.  With volumetric feed both main product and seasoning are going to vary in rate.  Bulk densities of products are going to come into equation and affect end product quality.  Another application is blending systems.  Let us assume there are a certain number of frozen food products or nuts to be blended in a certain proportion.  Using volumetric feed strictly would yield an inconsistent blend quality.  In addition there is going to be potential of more giveaway of expensive products.

Crescent System’s Magna Weigh feed system solves that problem.  It feeds lines by weight.  Also weighing is done on vibratory feeders as opposed to belt conveyors.  The quality of product is enhanced and it helps customers save money.

We would appreciate your comments as to how your company is dealing with this issue.  Let us get discussion started on this subject.  Your comments are welcome.